Who Says Berkeley Needs Laurie?

Lori Droste, Councilmember District 8, supports Laurie Capitelli for Berkeley Mayor. They have worked tirelessly to address the housing crisis and address the need to build more affordable housing. 


Xavier Morales, Co-Director of Latinos Unidos, worked closely with Laurie in the passage of the first on the nation Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax in Berkeley. 


Kristen Collins, Former Teacher and Retired Principal of Berkeley Arts Magnet Elementary School, talks about Laurie's involvement in addressing  education and his work with the  Berkeley Public Schools Fund. 


Charles O'Neil and Laurie Capitelli have worked together on a number of projects, including his most recent and biggest venture yet- Books in the Shop. This program makes books for all ages accessible to kids throughout the East Bay.


Vicki Alexander, former Health Officer of the City of Berkeley,  has worked with Laurie for years to address resources for children 0 to 5 throughout Berkeley. 


Who Says Berkeley Needs Laurie? We do!


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