Laurie's Priorities and Accomplishments

Housing for All

  • Actively supported new housing in the downtown and on transit corridors.  Defeated Measure R in 2014 designed to stall or stop the development of new housing projects.
  • Proposed a measure to provide more housing for teachers and the City’s workforce.
  • Supports the Landlords’ Windfall Profits/Business License Tax on the 2016 ballot to provide resources for more affordable housing.

Compassion for Those in Need

  • Developed program for storage facilities and rest rooms for those living on our streets.
  • Promoted centralized services and transitional housing for Berkeley’s homeless.
  • Supports a “Housing First” strategy and is currently developing a “Tiny Home” pilot project.

Children’s Health, Education and Opportunity

  • Spearheaded Measure D, the 2014 Sugar Sweetened Beverage Tax to encourage kids’ health and provide resources for health and education.
  • Over 25 years, helped to raise millions of dollars for public schools as a Berkeley Schools Fund board member.
  • Secured resources for a drug and alcohol counselor at Berkeley High School.
  • Developing universal early preschool initiative to provide kids a strong and equitable foundation for success.

Access to Transit / Safe Streets

  • As an Alameda County Transportation Commissioner, secured funding for bike lanes, improved sidewalks and roads, and a new I80/Gilman interchange.
  • Initiated the “road diet” on The Alameda to promote bicycle, pedestrian and resident safety.

Berkeley as a Regional Arts Center

  • Created the Elmwood Theater Foundation to save the local landmark from demolition.
  • Assisted Shotguns Players in securing their new performing arts space.  Leading the negotiations with the Berkeley Art Center and Theater First in their lease agreement with the City.
  • Secured hundreds of thousands of dollars for civic arts programs such as the UC Theater, KALA and the Civic Arts Grants Program.

Common Areas that Promote Community 

  • Spearheaded the bulb-outs and community-based tree planting program on Solano Ave
  • Secured regional resources and process for the downtown BART plaza renovations
  • Created a parklet pilot program for Berkeley’s walkable commercial districts
  • Simplified sidewalk seating permit process for neighborhood shopping areas.

Fair Wages for Our Workers

  • Led the negotiationss to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2018, then indexing it annually.
  • Spearheaded the “Stop Wage Theft” initiative to benefit our local workers. 
  • Negotiated that City projects and some large private developments pay prevailing wages.

Sustainable Berkeley

  • Exploring with UC and the Lawrence Berkeley Lab energy efficiency opportunities in the City.
  • Implement already-approved City plans that would improve our streets while protecting our watershed.

Responsive City Government

  • Instigated annual, consolidated report from City staff to insure transparency in budgeting.
  • Successfully mediated neighborhood conflicts all over Berkeley.

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