Election 2016 Ballot Positions

The November election is right around the corner. Along with the Presidential, Senate, Congressional, State Senate, Assembly, Mayor and Council races, we also have 17 Statewide Ballot Propositions, 3 County/Regional Measures and 12 local Berkeley Measures. I don't know abut you, but this is a lot to process. 

These measures will decide on new revenue for our schools, parks, roads, and affordable housing, change laws regarding Marijuana and the Death Penalty, and ensure our transportation systems have the resources they need to ensure they can work for many more decades to come. 

Here is a quick summary of some of the items I am either supporting or opposing this upcoming election cycle:


President of the United States: Hillary R. Clinton

U.S. Senator: Kamala Harris

U.S. Congress: Barbara Lee

State Senate: Nancy Skinner

State Assembly: Tony Thurmond

Superior Court: Scott Jackson

Berkeley Mayor: Laurie Capitelli (endorsed by Robert Reich) 
Note: Second choice in ranked voting is not necessary. Only vote for those in whom you have confidence.

Berkeley District 2: Darryl Moore

Berkeley District 3: Deborah Matthews

Berkeley District 5: Stephen Murphy

Berkeley District 6: Susan Wengraf

Berkeley School Board Directors: Judy Appel & Beatriz-Leyva Cutler

Rent Stabilization Board: Judy Hunt, Nathan Wollman

Peralta Board of Trustees: Karen Weinstein

AC Transit: Chris Peeples

BART Director: Rebecca Saltzman

County and Regional Measures

Measure A1- YES for affordable housing

Measure C1- YES

Measure RR- YES


City and School Measures

Measure AA- Yes

Measure BB- NO...support the compromise

Measure CC- NO...support the compromise

Measure DD- NO

Measure E1- YES, YES, YES! for our kids

Measure T1- YES- rebuild and repair our infrastructure

Measure U1- YES

Measure V1- YES

Measure W1- YES

Measure X1- YES

Measure Y1- YES

Measure Z1- YES

California Statewide Propositions

Prop 51- YES

Prop 52- YES

Prop 53- NO

Prop 54- NO by a nose

Prop 55- YES

Prop 56- YES

Prop 57- YES

Prop 58- YES

Prop 59- YES

Prop 60- NO

Prop 61- YES

Prop 62- YES

Prop 63- YES

Prop 64- YES

Prop 65- NO

Prop 66- NO

Prop 67- YES


For more information on each item, visit the country registrar of voters' webpage at: http://www.acgov.org/rov/